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Understanding Utility Collection in Humboldt

1. You will receive an itemized bill from the City of Humboldt on all services  furnished to your dwelling by the City.   This bill will include gas, water, sewer and trash services furnished in  accordance with the Ordinances of the City of Humboldt, Kansas. This bill  will be  mailed no later than the last working day of every month.  If you fail  to receive a bill by the 3rd of the month, call the City  Hall. The number is 473-3232.

2.  Bills must be paid by the 10th of the month, or if the 10th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday prior to the close of  business on the  next working day.  Payments  by  mail  properly stamped  and addressed will be considered as being made upon the date if they are postmarked on or before the due date.  After 5:00 p.m.  on the due date, payments may be deposited in the drop slot installed at the  office of the City Clerk in City Hall, and  all  such payments placed  in said drop slot prior to 8:00 a.m. on the next working day, will  be considered as being made upon the business day next preceding such time.  All bills not paid within the time above set out will have a delinquent charge of 5 percent added thereto.

3.  Customers who do not pay their utility bill before the 21st of the month, or if the 21st day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal  holiday, on the normal working day next following the 21st day of  the month, will be entitled to a hearing at 9:00 a.m.  on said day to present evidence tending to show good cause why such water, gas and sewer service  should  not  be discontinued. In the absence  of  an appearance  at  the  hearing, or in the absence of  good  cause  being shown,  water, gas and sewer service shall be discontinued  subsequent to  the time such hearing is adjourned.  A $25.00 collection fee shall be  assessed to each account which is subject to termination following such  hearing or upon failure to pay the account pursuant to the final termination notice.  The City will   make a good faith effort, subsequent  to the hearing and prior to disconnecting such gas, water and  sewer, to contact the tenant or the  owner prior to the disconnection  of such utilities. However, if, after such good  faith effort, the City is unable to contact any such person, the City may at 4:00  p.m.  on that day, disconnect and  discontinue such service irrespective of the fact that such further notice has not been given. Service  that has been discontinued in  accordance with utility collection  procedures  will not be renewed until after all bills  and penalties  are  paid,  specifically water, gas and sewer  charges  and including  a further sum of $10.00 per utility service (Gas &  Water), for  disconnection of utilities and $25.00 per utility for re-connection  of such services.  Trash service, even  if unpaid, will be continued, and the fee will be continued.  It is possible that said  charge will be added to the ad valorem taxes for the real estate upon  which your dwelling is situated;  and further provided, that the City may resort to civil lawsuit to collect the same.

4.  Delinquent accounts will be paid at the City Clerk's office during normal working hours only.

5.   Consumers shall keep their own service pipes, stock cocks and boxes  and  apparatus in good repair and protected from  freezing at their own expense, and shall prevent all unnecessary waste of water or gas;   and it is expressly stipulated that no claim shall be made against the City by reason of breaking or leaking of consumers service pipes.

6.  Please report all moves, changes and transfers to the City Clerk's office  as  soon as possible. There shall be a water and gas service charge  for  disconnection, reconnection or transfer of  services of $10.00  per  utility.  Any transfer of services shall be transferred only upon  payment of all delinquent charges, interest and penalty thereon, and the transfer charge.

7.   If you have any questions regarding your utility service, please stop in or call the City Clerk's office.



Single individual residential customers with no established water average will  be charged  the  minimum sewer rate  of  $31.98 (1,000 gallons) until  an average is established for the months  of December,  January and February.  The sewer rate will then be effective March through February.

Two or more residents with no established water average will be charged the City average of $49.89 (4,000 gallons) until an average is established for the months of Dec., Jan. and Feb.   The sewer rate will then be effective March through February.


  • Initial  Connection  Fee (Non-Refundable) - $25  per  utility (Gas & Water) - For first time service to address.

  • Transfer  Fee  - $10 per utility (Gas & Water) - Transfer  of service  from present residence to another service address or transfer of service from a renter back to the landlord.

  • Disconnection  Fee  -  $10  per utility  (Gas  &  Water)  for termination of utility service

  • Reconnection  Fee  -  $10  per  utility  (Gas  &  Water)  for reconnection  of  services  terminated,  including  summer  or vacation disconnections or $25 per utility for reconnection of utility service due to non-payment.


North of Bridge Street on Thursdays
South of Bridge Street on Tuesdays

  • Normal working hours begin at 6:00 a.m.

  • Trash will not be picked up on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Please no trash containers larger than 32-gallon capacity

  • Polycarts are available from JKS Sanitation.

  • You  are allowed up to two 32-gallon containers each week for the minimum of $10.75 per month.  A monthly trash charge is mandatory and will be billed on the City of Humboldt utility bills. 

  • Trash must be in trash bags inside the containers. 

  • Yard waste, grass clippings, small limbs, ashes, raw animal manure or any regulated hazardous waste such as paint, lead acid batteries, tires and regulated infectious waste won't be picked up.

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