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We like to have fun with our friends. We invite you to join and bring your favorite peeps.  We are exclusive in the way that we offer unique experiences and inclusive in the way that we show love! 

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Water Wars

In then middlest Saturday of August every year, it is time to bring out your super soakers, your wetsuit, and your sense of humor because no one is going home dry. 

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The only biblical parade in America. Beginning in 1957 and on the first Saturday of October all denominations come together to honor the holy spirit with gospel music, bean feed and parade.

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Movies on the Square

Once a month from Spring to Fall, families gather on the square to watch our favorites, eat free popcorn, play cornhole and other cool yard games. 

civil war reenactment2.jpg

Civil War Reenactment Days

Held triennially at Camp Hunter Park and features troop encampments, reenactments of the Raid and Burning of Humboldt, and the court-martial of Private Alexander Driscoll, member of Kansas 7th Volunteer Cavalry (Jayhawkers)



holiday market.png
Holiday Gift Market

Bringing you a unique shopping experience. With enough vendors to fill a high school gymnasium, there gifts for everyone. Made with love. 

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